Bamboo Care Guide

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Prior to using your bamboo product for the first time, hand wash with a mild detergent and warm water, then dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.


Wash the bamboo product immediately after every use. Bamboo products should be washed by hand using a mild detergent, warm water and a soft cloth. Never scrub the product with hard bristles or steel wool as this may cause permanent scratches.

*Note: Do not expose the bamboo to dishwashers or acidic detergents.

Other Care Notes

  • Never heat the bamboo product. Heating on the stove, in the microwave or in the oven can cause permanent damage to the product.
  • Never allow the bamboo to soak in water; this will cause the bamboo to separate.
  • To keep the bamboo looking new you can periodically use a soft cloth and wipe the product down with mineral oil.
  • Store in a dry place.
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