Pizza Stones Care Guide

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This “all-natural” stone requires no seasoning or conditioning. Simply rinse in warm water before first use and allow the stone to dry thoroughly. Most recipes suggest preheating stone 15-20 minutes for even cooking and to reduce baking time.

Preheat stone by placing cool stone in a cold oven. Heat oven to temperature indicated in recipe and place product on preheated stone as directed. Because stone retains heat, always wear oven mitts while handling. Place it on a serving rack to avoid heat damage to countertops or table surfaces.

Prepare pizza or other baked goods on a flat surface such as a cookie sheet or pizza peel. Lightly sprinkle stone with cornmeal and slide pizza or dough onto stone. Do not use flour as it will burn on the stone.

Care and Use

The stone is freezer, microwave and oven safe. To prevent cracking, avoid temperature extremes from direct to oven or from oven to cold water.

Do not place stone over an open flame, or in broiler. Do not cut directly on stone.

Before cleaning allow to cool completely. Then remove baked on foods and rinse in warm water. To avoid soapy aftertaste, do not use soap or detergent. Let stone air dry thoroughly before using again. Do not soak the stone or clean in a dishwasher.

The pizza stone will darken gradually and retain some staining with use. These are a part of the stone’s natural seasoning and will not harm it or affect the taste of food.

Handle the stone with care to prevent chipping or breaking.

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