Pizza Pans/Screens Care Guide

Download the Pizza Pans/Screens Care Guide PDF


Prior to using aluminum pizza screens for the first time, a release agent or oil is recommended to prevent sticking.

Screens can also be seasoned by wiping oil on the surface of the pan and allowing the oil to soak for 30 minutes. Then bake the screen at regular cooking times and temperatures. Do not wash off excess oil – just wipe. The oil residue and any additional oil added before baking makes the screen stick resistant. The screen is now ready for use.


Aluminum pizza screens should be washed by hand using a mild detergent (preferably one made specifically for aluminum). After washing, pat the screen dry and store appropriately (see below). To insure proper sanitation, heat pan to cooking temperature in oven after each wash and then reapply release agent or oil to prevent sticking.

* Note: Do not expose aluminum screens to dishwashers or high alkaline / acidic detergents. Also, do not use abrasive pads as they can scratch the aluminum and create rust.

Other Care Notes

Storing the pizza screens in a pizza screen rack is recommended. The rack helps by protecting the screens from being accidentally bent and allows easy access within safe storage.

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