Copper Care Guide

Download the Copper Care Guide PDF


The new copper item should come ready to use out of the box. If there are any smudges or tarnish from shipping follow the directions written on the cleaning compound provided.


The copper items can be washed by hand with warm soapy water. Harsh detergents and abrasive pads are NOT recommended for use when washing the copper product. Immediately after the wash is finished dry the copper with a soft towel or cloth. Do not let it air dry, as air drying may result in water spots that are difficult to remove. If the copper begins to show tarnish resulting from regular use you may use a copper specific cleaner to remove it. Follow the instructions provided on the cleaner.

*Note: Do not expose the copper item to dishwashers or abrasive pads

Other Care Notes

  • Due to the fact that copper is a soft material it is best to store the product in a dry and safe environment when it is not in use.
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